Srs airbag service urgent

I dont mind your "harshness", but just to clarify a few things.

I was looking for a short term fix so I could get the srs airbag service urgent sticker in the next day or two. If I went to the dealership, I needed an appointment, which I could only get the next week, or drop the car off with no loaner (which I couldnt do I needed the car).

I meant if there was actually a problem I would fix it when I could get around to it or drop the car off. Its not that I dont take the problem, and safety,seriously.

Second, the local guy said he srs airbag service urgent charge $80 to read and clear the SRS service light.

Volvo wanted $110 just to read the SRS system, and then presumably much more to "go from there". If the local guy did what he said he would do for $80 bucks, its clearly the right move. He couldnt do what he said he could, despite trying, and cut the price.

The dealership can be very expensive, so I try to avoid them whenever I can. For example, they wanted aprx $300 bucks to change my power steering reservior.

I got the parts for $65 bucks and changed it myself in less srs airbag service urgent 30 minutes, having never done it before.

srs airbag service urgent

Surely they do it in like 15 minutes. And they want $300.

srs airbag service urgent

They wanted $250 to change one of my tie rods, srs airbag service urgent $500 for both of them. Never having changed a tie-rod, I bought the parts for $40 each, and changed the first one in 30 minutes and the second in 15 minutes. Saved about $400+. Surely they do it even faster.

That just annoys me how much money they charge. They would probably want big bucks to replace a sensor, fix a wireor something like that. Sorry for the short rant, its just annoying they charge so much because most people cant/wont service their own cars. (PS - srs airbag service urgent take this the wrong way, I respect mechanic's ability tremendously, I just think it can be very price for service).


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