J5v13l02 или j5v13l05 что лучше

The VNL5030J-E and VNL5030S5-E are monolithic devices made using STMicroelectronics®VIPower®technology, intended for driving resistive or inductive loads with one side connected to the battery.

Built-in thermal shutdown protects the chip from overtemperature and short-circuit.

j5v13l02 или j5v13l05 что лучше

Output current limitation protects the devices in an overload condition. In case of long duration overload, the device limits the dissipated power to a safe j5v13l02 или j5v13l05 что лучше up to thermal shutdown intervention.Thermal shutdown, with automatic restart, allows the device to recover normal operation as soon as a fault condition disappears.

Fast demagnetization of inductive loads is achieved at turn-off.

Key Features

  • Automotive qualified
  • Drain current: 25 A j5v13l02 или j5v13l05 что лучше
  • ESD protection
  • Overvoltage clamp j5v13l02 или j5v13l05 что лучше
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Current and power limitation
  • Very low standby current
  • Very low electromagnetic susceptibility
  • Compliant with European directive 2002/95/EC
  • Open drain status output
Источник: http://www.st.com/en/automotive-analog-and-power/vnl5030j-e.html

j5v13l02 или j5v13l05 что лучше
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