Бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102

ENC 1102: Literary Analysis, Sect. 16

Florida International University

Spring Term 2005


Instructor: Maureen Fonts

E-mail: [email protected]

Office: DM 464 A

Office Hours: T/Th: 11:00-12:00 pm                   


Course Description: бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 This is an introductory course that will enable you to write about literature.

It develops an analytical, aesthetic and cultural sensitivity to literary works while also exploring the techniques of composition and research. We will discuss and write about literature and its various aspects of plot, theme, бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102, characterization, бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 approach and writing style. We will experience, interpret and evaluate several texts in the genres of short story, novel, and poetry.

You will be responding to the readings during class discussions as well as in short written responses and a formal research paper. 

In our critical thinking of and critical writing about these works, we will specifically use a feminist perspective to recognize, identify and discuss women’s experience as portrayed by various women writers.

Our discussions will be directed towards an understanding of the (re)presentations of women and the way they (re)imagine and (re)shape the patriarchal structure in our society. It is crucial we understand these instances as moments where women бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 integration and cease to be voiceless.

The course focuses on reading and thinking about what we are reading—going beyond the words on the page, drawing conclusions, making connections, envisioning the implications, and ultimately, articulating intelligently those conclusions, connections, implications.


Required Texts & Materials:

Blanco, Richard.

City of A Hundred Fires. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998.

Gioia, Dana and R.S. Gwynn. The Longman Anthology of Short Fiction. Compact ed. New York:

        Longman, 2001.

Plath, Sylvia. Ariel: Poems. New York: HarperCollins, 1999.

Lunsford, Andrea A.

бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102

The Everyday Writer. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2005.

Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. Ed. Johanna M. Smith. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2000.  

- You will need an FIU e-mail account.

(I will not accept any e-mails from your personal accounts).

- You will need to set aside money for copies when we do peer reviews.

- You will need to purchase two pocket-folders for organizing and turning in your essays.

Attendance: You are expected to arrive to class on time and prepared. You are required to бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 all reading assignments before class and be ready to question the text. For the purposes of this course, you are allowed three (3) un-excused absences.

Бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 four, you will automatically fail the course. Because a large part of the class is discussion, бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 will fall behind in your knowledge of the course and the assignments if you are not present. Tardiness reflects a lack of academic commitment on your part and will not be tolerated.

You are expected to attend class from beginning to end. Be forewarned that two (2) tardies will equal an absence.

Professionalism and бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 Courtesy: College is a professional environment and its classes are designed for serious professional improvement.

Our class time is limited; it is planned in a way that contributes to developing critical thought and inquiry as well as writing skills. Any behavior or activity бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 disrupts the professional focus of the class and the ability of the instructor and students to accomplish the work at hand is unacceptable. Students should know that private conversations being held during class time is very distracting and discourteous.

The offenders will be asked to leave the room. If they repeat the disruptive behavior often enough, they will not be бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 to attend class any longer, and they will be subject to University discipline.

To avoid disruptions, please silence all cell phones and/or beepers before class.

Бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 use common courtesy, and respect the learning environment.                                                                                                                               

Late papers: I will not accept late papers under ANY circumstances.

If you plan to be absent, schedule an appointment with me prior to the absence so you can personally hand me the paper. I will NOT accept papers through e-mail.

Essays will be due on the date specified at the beginning of class. I will lower your essay grade one whole letter grade for each day that it is late. Please be aware that you are required to complete ALL course work. Failure to turn in an essay will cause you to fail the course. If you cannot turn in your paper on time because of a family emergency, please turn in official documentation indicating the problem. (For instance, if there is a death in the family, bring in an official doctor’s note on hospital stationery regarding the unfortunate circumstance).

This is the only exception to the rule.                   

Paper Format: All papers must be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font 12, 1-inch margins and must follow MLA guidelines at all times.

(See The Everyday Writer handbook for MLA format rules).  

Peer Groups: The instructor will form groups of 4-5 members бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 students are to бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 in these groups for the remainder of the semester.

The groups will help you move along in your writing and enable everyone to share their ideas. You are all required to participate in peer review sessions so you can edit each other’s papers.


Plagiarism: “The deliberate use and appropriation of another's work without any indication of the source and the бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 of such work as the student's own.

Any student who fails to give credit for ideas, expressions or materials taken from another source, including internet sources, is guilty of plagiarism. Any student helping another to plagiarize may be found guilty of academic misconduct" (FIU Student Handbook 2004-2005, page 39). Plagiarism may lead to expulsion, and will cause you to automatically fail this course.


Requirements and Grading:

You will be writing two short essays (5 pages) and one final research paper (8 pages). Papers which are shorter or бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 than the required page length will have their grades lowered.  Remember that my role is бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 to lecture but to facilitate your discussions.

Your participation will consist of intelligent in-class discussions and group work. These will determine your final grade for the class.


Your grade is determined as follows:

Essay #1: (5 бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 - 20%

Essay #2: (5 pages) - 20%

Essay #3: Research paper (8 pages) - 40%

Participation/Group Work: 20%  

93-100 = A

90-92 = A-

87-89 = B+

83-86 = B

79-82 = B-

75-78 = C+

73-74 = C

70-72 бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 C-

66-69 = D+

63-65 = D

59-62 = D-

0-58 = F

If there are concerns regarding any of the assignments, I urge you to please speak with me.

For additional help in writing, you may go to the University Learning Center (ULC). It offers FREE assistance to all FIU students in writing, reading and mathematics. They are located in PC 247. I encourage all students to visit the ULC for tutoring when extra help is needed. Please call 348-2180, or visit the ULC office, to make an appointment.  

Schedule: Please note that this is a tentative schedule, meaning the instructor has the right to бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 change or alter this syllabus at any time.

You will be notified of these changes in class or through e-mail, so it is crucial that you attend on a бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 regular basis and check your FIU e-mail account regularly.


Weekly schedule:

(For the reading assignments, LA бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 The Longman Anthology of Short Fiction; EW indicates The Everyday Writer handbook)

!                   Tues: Introduction to course


!                   Thurs: In-class diagnostic essay.

Homework: Write one paragraph, typed, defining what your бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 of literary analysis бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 and bring it to class. Read in LA Anjana Appachana’s “The Prophecy” (pp. 55-67).


!                   Tues: Discuss paragraphs, briefly examine feminist theory and бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 link it with Appachana’s story.

Homework: Read in LA Willa Cather’s бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 Case” (pp.167-182), Sandra Cisneros’ “Barbie-Q” (pp.256-258). Write one page (typed) on one of the stories you would like to work with for your first essay assignment, focusing on what you perceive is the central conflict of the text and include two quotes from the story that substantiate your statements.

!                   Thurs: Go over main points in EW (pp 26-62), re-read your one page analysis and make corrections. Homework: Begin drafting first essay based on the one page analysis you wrote. Bring in enough copies of your draft for peer review.

Week three:


!                   Tues: Peer review groups selected бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 the remainder of the course, revise drafts using peer review questions [will be given out during class].

Homework: Re-write drafts according to peer review comments. Read in LA Louise Erdrich’s “The Red Convertible” (pp.316-323), Mavis Gallant’s бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 (pp.364- 368).

!                   Thurs: Discussion of Erdich and Gallant’s respective pieces, linking femininity to voice versus silence. Homework: Read in LA Nadine Gordimer’s “A Company of Laughing Faces” (pp 411-423), Zora Neale Бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 “Sweat” (pp.

453-463), Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” (pp 563-565). 


Week four:

!                   Tues: Discussion of the elements of an argument essay: paragraphing and transitions, thesis statement, clarity, persuasion, counter-argument.

Homework: Read EW (pp 227-298), revise/edit essay into second draft.

!                   Thurs: Discussion of Gordimer, Hurston and Kincaid as strong feminists, retracing boundaries and subverting the patriarchal structure.


!                   Tues: DRAFT OF ESSAY #1 DUE (Bring copies for peer review) Workshop papers in peer groups, jotting down any comments on the drafts with pencil.

Homework: Revise according to comments and refocus or re-state thesis statement if necessary.

!                   Thurs:In-class conference: Each student must bring a semi-final draft of paper and be ready to ask specific questions about essay. Homework: Work on revising and finalizing your paper!

Bring Richard Blanco’s book to class.

Week six:


!                   Tues: ESSAY #1 DUE, poetry handout, in-class: read Blanco’s “Teatro Marti”, “Crayons for Elena”, “Mail for Mama”, “Los Santos of the Living Room”, “Mother Picking Produce”, and “The Silver Sands”, discuss each in relation to the female.

бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102

Also бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 what is the central conflict, tone, mood, structure, symbolism, metaphor(s) invoked by Blanco. Homework: Read Blanco’s “America”, “Hola”, “What Las Palmas Mean”, “La Bella Dama of Little Havana”, “Abuela Valdes”, “El Cucubano” and “Palmita Mia” (English version)


!                   Thurs: In-class activity: Write an informal 2-3 page response on four of Blanco’s poems.

Address and analyze any particular theme, issue, бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 conflict, or metaphor you found throughout the four poems. Homework: Read Sylvia Plath’s Ariel.

Week seven:


!                   Tues: Discuss some of the poems in Ariel and the metaphors/conflicts evidenced in the book.

Homework: Start drafting an essay based on either Blanco or Plath’s poetry. Read in EW pages 210-274 for help with any grammar problems.

!                   Thurs: Watch Sylvia in class. Homework: Revise and work on a second draft of essay.

Week eight:


!                   Tues: Class cancelled.

Homework: Revise and re-write second draft into a third draft.

!                   Thurs: Discussion of sentence structure, style, tone in writing. Refer back to EW pages бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102. Homework: Revise and analyze your language in the essay, make sure you are writing a literary paper and not an informational one.

Week nine:


!                   Tues: Discussion on focus, clarity, organization, language, and strong thesis statements (must be specific, concise, and precise).

Homework: Work on essay.

!                   Thurs:In-class conference: Those students who have specific questions may come to class today for additional help.

I will not be available to read your drafts, but welcome any particular doubts you may бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 at this time.


Week ten:

!                   Tues: DRAFT OF ESSAY #2 DUE (Bring copies for peer review) Workshop papers in peer groups, jotting down any comments on the drafts with pencil.

!                   Thurs: Short discussion on the virtue of revision!

Week eleven:


!                   No classes: Spring Break (Homework: Revise and work on final draft of essay).

Week twelve:


!                   Tues: ESSAY #2 DUE, Homework: Read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (pages 19-89)


!                   бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 Thurs: Discussion of Mary Shelley’s novel as it pertains to women: how are they silenced and “destroyed” in this particular world Shelley has created?

How does Shelley critique her society?  Homework: Read pages 313-331 in Frankenstein. Start writing first draft of your third essay based on Shelley’s novel.

Re-read EW pages 41-98 for help in constructing an effective argument paper. Bring EW to class.

Week thirteen:


!                   Tues: Finish Frankenstein discussion, rest of the class time will be used for MLA instruction. In-text citations and Works Cited бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 will be highlighted in EW (pages 369-412).

Homework: Bring in a tentative thesis statement to use for the library research session.

!                   Thurs: Library session #1 - Homework: Re-write first draft of essay into a second draft.

Week fourteen:


!                   Tues: Library session #2 - Homework: Revise second draft into a third.  

!                   Thurs: DRAFT OF Бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 ESSAY DUE (Bring copies for peer review) Workshop papers in peer groups, jotting down any comments on the drafts with pencil.

Homework: Revise essay and make an extra draft if you have to. Make sure бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 have (6) credible sources (3 books, 3 articles) integrated in your essay and documented properly in MLA style. See EW pages 369-412 for specific instructions.

Week fifteen:


!                   Tues: Post-diagnostic essay distributed in class.

Homework: Applying any finishing touches to final research paper.  

!                   Бензонасос pierbufg заз 1102 FINAL ESSAY DUE AT 8:00 AM      

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